i wish i was a hero.
i’d get to go on adventures,
i’d get to see new places.
people would need me,
people would like me.
i would fight epic battles,
i would save the world.
but i’m too small & weak to be a hero.


my little ellie, tells the emotional story of a little girl with a powerful imagination and how she copes with living in a lonely reality after the death of her mother.


Despite living in poverty conditions with her alcoholic father - often struggling to find her next meal, Ellie chooses to maintain a positive attitude as her mother would have wished, that is, until she begins to lose everything most important to her. Pursuing Ellie wherever she goes, something from the shadows screams out for her, continually reminding her about the time she couldn't be a hero.


What is real? What is in her head? The lines between will blur and distort her perception of the world she lives in and those closest to her.


Will she be brave enough to face the challenges ahead of her like the hero she always wished to be?



my little ellie started out as an exercise in writing more personable characters and soon became what I consider my most meaningful work to date - certainly the one closest to my heart. As I developed and wrote Ellie's character into challenging situations to see how she would react I became attached to her as though she were my own daughter. I fell in love with her adorkable personality that developed in the pages as she passively observed the world around her and endured through many tough life lessons in short succession.


Personally, I've always enjoyed the hero’s journey, especially those who were weaker, smaller, or conflicted with self doubt that they would need to overcome to become the great hero that saves the day. I think I like them because I am not that big of a person, I do not have the hero’s body that could do amazing things like carry giant greatswords or leap incredible distances such as Millie. There’s something about seeing a particularly small person wield a large heavy weapon that makes me feel empowered by them because their true strength comes from within.


That is ultimately the message behind my little ellie, to encourage everyone to overcome their limitations to the best of their ability using their inner strengths. Real heroes know they’re weak and work around it to overcome their biggest challenges.