my little ellie, tells the emotional story of a little girl with a powerful imagination and how she copes with living in a lonely reality after the death of her mother.


Despite living in poverty conditions with her alcoholic father - often struggling to find her next meal, Ellie chooses to maintain a positive attitude as her mother would have wished, that is, until she begins to lose everything most important to her. Pursuing Ellie wherever she goes, something from the shadows screams out for her, continually reminding her about the time she couldn't be a hero.


What is real? What is in her head? The lines between will blur and distort her perception of the world she lives in and those closest to her.


Will she be brave enough to face the challenges ahead of her like the hero she always wished to be?


Pocket of Fortune

One could perhaps describe David as mattressed, as in,
a person having a mattress or mattresses.
But then again, David Ariti could be described as many things.

For starters, he is the city's best fortune teller, with a 100% accurate guarantee, all for just a modest fee of a Chinese takeout dinner! At very least, his services will put a smile on your face!

His unconventional method of fortune telling captures the attention of a skeptical detective desperate for any new lead on how to find a missing person that she believes to be her father, even if it’s coming from someone kind of, unusual...

Together they'll encounter interesting characters, some of whom may or may not be raccoons disguised as humans so they could experience the joy of opposable thumbs, or you know... actual deities, while on their quest to find the missing dock worker which will prove to be a lot more revealing than either of them could have imagined, or wanted!


The economy has gone to shit.
Corporate greed remains unchecked.
We’re not being lied to, it’s called marketing.
Just four dollars more.
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     The Willowtrail Mall, a place once booming with activity, is all but a ghost town these days due to not just one, but several economic recessions. Joseph, a thirty something-something with low self esteem works at a struggling big-chain department store without functioning air conditioning and there’s bugs crawling under his skin. He’s been working here for far too many years without anything to show for it.
 But that all changes when he receives his annual performance review...

     COUNTER_culture is a comedic and damning look at the everyday plight of the serve-us industry workers in an economy that is slowly dying a death of a thousand payroll cuts. The author pulled from over seventeen years of experience working in corporate retail to create this fictional, but all too familiar, story of working in retail and the repercussions of PTSD as a result from it.

     It'd be sad if it wasn't happening everywhere...
     May as well have a laugh about it.