COUNTER_culture out now!
I cannot think of a better date to release a book about my experiences working in corporate retail than on Labour Day.   The book is a humorous and damning look at corporations, especially retail corporations as described through the eyes of Joseph, an average every-day retail employee working at a dying store in a dying mall. He's survived through multiple economic recessions but it's becoming ...
Pocket of Fortune - FREE Chapter Preview!
To celebrate the recent publication of Pocket of Fortune - The present of being present, I'm posting one of my favorite chapters from the book. It should provide you with a clear idea about what kind of novel this is and what to expect from it.   If you're a fan of Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) and his Dirk Gently series, then I hope you'll look into this book too. I wrote it ...
Pocket of Fortune update
Pocket of Fortune is just about ready for publishing!   The goal is to have it up and available within the week. Slight delay as I decided I wanted to redo the cover, and I'm honestly glad I did.       Stay tuned for coming updates soon as I finish the final tweaks and edits before hitting publish.
my little ellie - FREE Chapter
To celebrate the physical and digital release of my little ellie   I'm going to share a very special chapter from the novel to help introduce you to Ellie and her relationship with her father. This chapter takes place just weeks after a reality altering event for both of them when she is ten years old, roughly six years before the events of the novel.   If you enjoy what you read, please consi...
New Short Story: The Ghosts That Follow
The Ghosts That Follow, is the story of a little boy and his younger sister, Viktoriya, as they make their way through the ruins of a crumbling city in search for food that is still edible.  
New Short Story - Free to read! - "Where's George?"
Where's George? tells the tale of a confused ship Captain who is confined to a small cabin with a caged parrot after a mutiny took his ship away from him.