One could perhaps describe David as mattressed, as in,
a person having a mattress or mattresses.
But then again, David Ariti could be described as many things.

For starters, he is the city's best fortune teller, with a 100% accurate guarantee, all for just a modest fee of a Chinese takeout dinner! At very least, his services will put a smile on your face!

His unconventional method of fortune telling captures the attention of a skeptical detective desperate for any new lead on how to find a missing person that she believes to be her father, even if it’s coming from someone kind of, unusual...

Together they'll encounter interesting characters, some of whom may or may not be raccoons disguised as humans so they could experience the joy of opposable thumbs, or you know... actual deities, while on their quest to find the missing dock worker which will prove to be a lot more revealing than either of them could have imagined, or wanted!

This was a fun book to write, especially after my little ellie, which is near and dear to my heart, but sure tugged at the heart strings!


I wrote it with the intent of paying homage to Douglas Adams and his Dirk Gently series of books. This type of story really gave me the opportunity to write in a manner closer to the way I think and communicate with other people, that is to say, to let loose with some of the quirkier aspects of my sense of humor.


Setting the condition that all deities exist in this world as well as every person/beast from folklore tales sure opened a lot of doors to go explore. Many of the origin stories for them have more than one take, so being able to play with them and make them into something that fits the story was a joyful experience. Some of the characters in the book will be fairly obvious right away as to who they're supposed to represent, some will remain mysterious until the right moment.


A keen reader will pick up on several clues not only about the mystery of the missing dock worker that David and Cass are investigating, but as well as the characters and their backstories. It will start off like seemingly random plots converging into one like two hands coming together and interlocking their fingers into one solid object. As any good mystery should!


I thank you for your support, I hope you'll visit the store page where you can pick up a copy of the book in either physical or digital format. I always recommend the physical editions as they preserve formatting in ways the digital format cannot.


Until next time, choose happy!