Who would leave a ladder up on a roof where it helps nobody, and who would have such an irrational anger towards such an act that they would strive to find a way to put it in multiple novels? Hi there, I'm Emery Brooks, welcome to my site.


I see no more appropriate way to start this blog than to talk about why I hate ladders being left on roofs and why it has been brought up in several of my works. To begin, let's ask why? Why indeed?! Why would anybody leave a ladder on a roof where you'll need another ladder just to get to it? It genuinely puzzles me.


My annoyance for it began from one particular house that my sister and I would always drive by while hanging out. For years I would see the ladder there and ask, why?! It would always get a big laugh from the both of us - our own personal joke between just the two of us. But it didn't stop there, no... soon it became a g.d. self-fulfilling prophecy. I started seeing them everywhere! It could be while out for one of my random walks, such as the ones Ellie goes on, or in Google Street View where I've spent hundreds of hours playing digital tourist. They are everywhere! Everywhere!


I decided it would be my mission to alert people to the invisible dangers of leaving ladders on roofs. Particularly in the first book in the Pocket of Fortune Trilogy, I made it a major plot device that I won't spoil here. But trust me, they're more dangerous than you would think! In my little ellie, when the heroic Millie leaps onto the roof of a nearby building to survey a battle currently in progress she almost slips and falls off when she trips over it. Thankfully she didn't, because how anticlimactic would it be for a hero to show up to save the day and break their ankles slipping off a roof?


I've since moved away from the region where Ladder Zero first infected my mind and set me out on this irrational crusade. Sadly, I no longer get to go on random drives to hang out with my sister, but I do have a lovely calendar she made for me as a parting gift. The front cover of it simply reads, Memories of Home, and each month features the same photo of that ladder on the roof which she so wonderfully took a photo of while confused onlookers questioned why she was taking a photo of it. It proudly hangs on my wall, reminding me there is more than just an irrational anger to ladders on roofs. Sometimes in such situations special moments are formed to remind us of happy times in our lives. Putting a ladder on a roof in my stories is my way of looking back at our times spent together hanging out, having fun, and laughing at the absurdity of leaving a ladder on a roof.