It's May 25th, which to many die-hard fans of the great, late Douglas Adams, today is the day to really know where your towel is and celebrate the memory of D.N.A. 


Douglas Adams most famously wrote the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy - A trilogy in five parts, which is probably how most people will know him. It’s how I was introduced to him in 2001 at the right age of sixteen - roughly a few months before his unfortunate death. Imagine discovering a series of books that change your life forever only to learn the creator of them just passed away before you could look forward to their new works.


Don’t Panic, he left us with a decent library of books to read and that is exactly what I did. As I write this I am sitting in my bed, just below me are two large plastic containers with every single Douglas Adams book that he’d ever written plus many books written about him. I also own dozens of different versions of the HHGTTG books ranging back from the first publications to some of the more current releases.


You could say I’m a pretty big fan…. Douglas made a big impression on me back then and has continued to influence me since then. When I wrote the first book of Pocket of Fortune I went into it with the goal of creating something in the spirit of him. After finishing my little ellie I needed something of a palette cleanser, something where humor was the focus, something in the spirit of the Dirk Gently series.


It’s no secret, I enjoy dry absurd humor - no doubt because of Douglas. So when I came up with the seed of an idea, “what if every deity and folklore believed by people were real and just wandering around?” I knew what I had to do. Hello, David - the greatest fortune teller that uses fortune cookie fortunes that he pulls at random from his jacket pocket to help others. And just for the modest fee of a Chinese take-out meal. 


It’s the kind of occupation I think he would get a tickle from. I know I certainly did while writing it.


Before I go, I must talk about the origin story of my favorite towel. Yes, I have a favorite towel - twins actually! I think it was around 2009 when I realized I didn’t have an ugly towel. Everybody needs at least one ugly towel, the kind you would take to the beach or leave in the car, don’t you think? I spent… four? Maybe it was five months looking for the perfect towel. Finally, one day I did! And to my surprise there was a deal if you purchased a second one at the same time so I happily snagged a second one, because if you find the perfect towel you may as well have another in case someone else wants to use your towel.


I love my ugly towel, it’s easily a top-3 possession for me. I thank Douglas Adams for his special brand of absurd humor for sending me on the path to find the perfect ugly towel that I can now share here on Towel Day.


Stay frood,