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New Short Story: The Ghosts That Follow
The Ghosts That Follow, is the story of a little boy and his younger sister, Viktoriya, as they make their way through the ruins of a crumbling city in search for food that is still edible.  
Happy Towel Day!
It's May 25th, which to many die-hard fans of the great, late Douglas Adams, today is the day to really know where your towel is and celebrate the memory of D.N.A.    Douglas Adams most famously wrote the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy - A trilogy in five parts, which is probably how most people will know him. It’s how I was introduced to him in 2001 at the right age of sixteen - roughly a f...
New Short Story - Free to read! - "Where's George?"
Where's George? tells the tale of a confused ship Captain who is confined to a small cabin with a caged parrot after a mutiny took his ship away from him.   
my little ellie - Update
I’m happy to report, my little ellie is nearing completion and should be ready for publication soon. I’ve lost count of how many editing passes I’ve done so far but I’m approaching the feeling that it is just about completed.   Yesterday’s editing session left me in literal tears as I read a certain chapter once again through the eyes of little ellie. Once published I hope those that find the bo...
Ladders on roofs - an irrational annoyance
Who would leave a ladder up on a roof where it helps nobody, and who would have such an irrational anger towards such an act that they would strive to find a way to put it in multiple novels? Hi there, I'm Emery Brooks, welcome to my site.   I see no more appropriate way to start this blog than to talk about why I hate ladders being left on roofs and why it has been brought up in several of my w...